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Alice is the essence of Tundra and who brought it to life. Lover of travelling and nature, Tundra represents the memory of beautiful places and landscapes. Playing with delicate silhouettes and combination of elements, Tundra pieces allow for multiple interpretations and possibilities of use. They are never static, always moving, always evolving. Like nature. Like us.
Graduated in Jewellery from Ar.Co, Lisbon and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Canada in 2009. Jewellery has a central role in 2016, with the creation of  TUNDRA, a brand that combines traditional techniques of jewellery to industrial processes, with the aim of creating delicate and accessible pieces that allow countless possibilities of use.


Tundra é uma marca de joalharia inspirada na natureza e nas viagens. Através da conjugação de diferentes elementos, possibilita a criação de 'peças-paisagem', únicas e pessoais.
Formada em Joalharia pelo, Lisboa e pela Nova Scotia College of Art and Design no Canadá em 2009. A joalharia passa a ter um papel central em 2016, com a criação da marca TUNDRA que alia técnicas tradicionais de joalharia a processos industriais, com o objetivo de criar peças delicadas, acessíveis e que permitem inúmeras possibilidades de uso.